Friday, April 2, 2010

To-Do List

* answer msgs from nice Etsyans ;-) »» DONE!

* burn cd for LM trade - URGENT »» but i keep procrastinating it as usual... and it makes me feel really bad that i do this, given in consideration that LM was too kind to send me her zines ;-(

* write something, anything, about 2009's (nonexistent) Halloween celebration »» forget that, last year's memories are gone by now!

* email distro in Singapore on shipping rates »» better forget about this one too...

* file latest & read zines from MP's order(s) »» this one is a work-in-progress, as with any other zines i get in the mail

* my 31st birthday is coming, right next friday... BLAH! »» like, this was last november's... way too long ago. though i kinda remember how the day went, i probably must have written about it in my journal at the time and it makes no sense to make a post about it now, when it's been over 4 months...

lookup OpenOffice's help on spell-checker features »» DONE! oh yeah!! this one was a real brain teaser and was driving me mad at first, but by now i've got it well understood.

* update my "zines stuff & contacts" database »» yeah, right... i'm doing that for my distro's database now!
before the distro's idea, i even started a spreadsheet for my zine collection but it was a huge time-waster (and a big pain in my back) to go  through all the boxes/containers and take out all the zines and catalog them that way. i even got my dad's digital voice-recorder and used it while i went through some of the boxes. then i stored the audio files in my computer. and i never touched them again! what was i thinking, really?
i've come up with an easier way now: i go trough all the emails on distro orders, etsy orders, and direct contact with zine-makers, copy-paste that info and i'll have a much more accurate list of (almost) all the zines i have. but i'll leave that to after i get the distro's database done & updated to full max ;-)

* get my hair dyed! geez.. and a cut too, while i'm at it »» DONE! and what a bad idea that was. well, not exactly bad-bad, but defenitly a "not-so-good" idea. i cut my hair by my chin line, in the winter. now that's smart! then the dye got a bit too dark than what i wanted, also the color didn't come out quite as i had wished. but i should be used to that by now, the color never comes out 100% like i wish... Unfortunately, this time the color didn't last as long as usual, and now i'm in need of a good haircut, again, to trim the ends and maybe dye it closer to my natural color (boring brown) though always a bit darker, as it makes me look older, or, in reality, it makes me look more my real age and not like i'm in my early 20s...
Maybe i should just change my hairstylist, i guess, but now isn't the best time for that; unless i find that part-time job i'm in so much need of...

* make copies of cool fliers i get from other zines & distros to send as goodies/extras/on trades »» i've done a few copies but it's not the same thing as an "original" flier, since most of them come in colored paper or are color copies and such... Anyway, it would be better-easier-cheaper to do it on a copy-shop rather then with my home printer...

* get postcards about Porto's beautiful city! »» postcards for ME, but also some (many? a few? dunno?) postcards (not too expensive of course, otherwise i can't buy that many!) to send out to the world... Well, to the "zine world" actually, i've been wanting to send postcards to some nice zine-people i've got to "know" over the last year. maybe it would be cool to have some extra postcards to send with distro orders, no?

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