Friday, June 26, 2009

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dazed and confused

well, it's being quite harder than what i thought it would be to make this zine... it's hard to get organized, to get the papers all together, and the images (most of them are still on digital form, so i guess that's a big part of the problem, no?), and to start making texts and printing them and paste them on a master.
the order of the articles/stuff isn't defined either, i don't think that's more important than the other things that are still to be done right now! and is a zine supposed to have an index page of some kind?

today i had the day off from work, and still i made very few advances (if any) on the project. maybe all the books and articles i've been reading about zine-making are blurring my brain, and keeping me from advancing. i'de be glad if i could make even small baby steps on this, really!

and the freebies, that's making me go crazy too. there are a few things i thought about to give away with the zine but i'm not sure of how "successful" it will be or if anyone will find them interesting enough to keep following the zine. i suppose it's normal to have these kind of doubts anyway, so i'll try not to stress much about it in the 'future'.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

zine in the dictionary



a small magazine that is produced cheaply by one person or a small group of people, and is about a subject they are interested in

(from Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

FAQ [work-in-progress]

what's this zine about?
well, the main topic is obviously ART, in the various forms it can be expressed.
visual arts: photography / design / digital art / traditional art / illustration / comics / etc...
other arts: literature / music / film / fashion / crafts / tattoo & piercing / etc...
let's not forget, for now the sub-title of this project is "art zine & other random stuff", so "random stuff" can mean anything from:
free writing (like diary/journal entries), environmental issues (like articles about Recycling and stuff), the darker side (occult, mystery and gloomy themes), etc...(to be continued)

so, does this zine have a name or what?
we're working on this... the name had been chosen already but now it's decided that the name will be reviewed when all other parts of the zine are ready (made on the master copy). who knows, we might change our mind and the final outcome will give birth to a different name! [call us crazy, weirdos, whatever, no problemo!]
that is why we now call this project "art zine 2009".

what's the size/shape of the zine?
it's basic half an A4 page, which means A5 paper size: 14,8 × 21 cm = 5,8 × 8,3 inches.

is it color printed or black & white?
as hard as it gets for us, right now the first issue (#0) is being made for black & white only. all this because of the printing costs.
maybe in the future, we can print the zine in full color, who knows?
so, when it comes to photos, we have to "play" with the contrast a bit, so that images have enough impact on the overall look of a page.

do you need/want other people (artists & amateurs) to contribute with artwork for your zine?
sure, that would be perfect... but only for the next issues! this first issue is being hard enough to make with our "own" material because there's just so much to choose from!
as mentioned before, i'm planning on inviting some personal friends to submit work for the next issue, and i'm sure there are plenty of not-yet-discovered good artists around here.
but first, we would like to start with fellow Portuguese deviants, to keep things in a smaller scale, country-based, and the distribution gets easier & cheaper, i guess!

how about advertising?
yes, we do accept ads, as longs as they are within the themes of the zine, or specially ads from alternative stores/music/art & crafts/projects/etc to the mainstream world.
we can also give ad space to fellow zinesters like ours, of course, and as "payment" you can place an ad of our zine on yours (and maybe send us a copy of your latest issue, that would be so sweet hehe)

what's the language of the zine?
well, at first we started with most of the texts being in English, but there are a few texts and articles in Portuguese, so maybe we'll be putting the two in the zine, and you get a bilingual thing, why not? anyway, we thought about translating some texts from Portuguese to English and vice-versa but it's a HUGE amount of work and may not pay off in the end ;-(

so, when will the zine be out there?
hopefully [crossing my fingers], until the end of this summer, we'll have it done & printed copies available! yep, that's almost 3 months until the end of summer, i know, but we have our own full-time jobs to keep us very busy too , so we'll try our bests to finish it as soon as possible! question?...
feel free to comment and post your own questions about the project!

[FAQ by our zINE eDITOR]

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Hello! Call for future art...

right now i'm working on a zine project, art related and with other random stuff on the mix. i'm the editor, so, i can put whatever i want in that damn zine, right?

on the first issue, will be issue #0 actually, and depending on how it goes after the printing/distribution/selling is done, we'll see if there are any good chances of making some more issues...

anyway, just created an account at deviantART because i'll be looking for contributors for future (hopefully) issues of the zine, so i think deviantART is a great place to look for art!
besides some personal friends i'm planning on inviting to submit work for the zine, i'm sure there are plenty of not-yet-discovered good artists around here. first, we can start with fellow Portuguese deviants, to keep things in a smaller scale, country-based.

random note: the zine is A5 format/size, will be printed on black & white copy press shop, so it's a bit restricting when it comes to images (photos, illustrations, etc)... oh well, maybe one day when i'm rich we can print it all in color