Sunday, June 14, 2009

Hello! Call for future art...

right now i'm working on a zine project, art related and with other random stuff on the mix. i'm the editor, so, i can put whatever i want in that damn zine, right?

on the first issue, will be issue #0 actually, and depending on how it goes after the printing/distribution/selling is done, we'll see if there are any good chances of making some more issues...

anyway, just created an account at deviantART because i'll be looking for contributors for future (hopefully) issues of the zine, so i think deviantART is a great place to look for art!
besides some personal friends i'm planning on inviting to submit work for the zine, i'm sure there are plenty of not-yet-discovered good artists around here. first, we can start with fellow Portuguese deviants, to keep things in a smaller scale, country-based.

random note: the zine is A5 format/size, will be printed on black & white copy press shop, so it's a bit restricting when it comes to images (photos, illustrations, etc)... oh well, maybe one day when i'm rich we can print it all in color

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