Friday, June 26, 2009

dazed and confused

well, it's being quite harder than what i thought it would be to make this zine... it's hard to get organized, to get the papers all together, and the images (most of them are still on digital form, so i guess that's a big part of the problem, no?), and to start making texts and printing them and paste them on a master.
the order of the articles/stuff isn't defined either, i don't think that's more important than the other things that are still to be done right now! and is a zine supposed to have an index page of some kind?

today i had the day off from work, and still i made very few advances (if any) on the project. maybe all the books and articles i've been reading about zine-making are blurring my brain, and keeping me from advancing. i'de be glad if i could make even small baby steps on this, really!

and the freebies, that's making me go crazy too. there are a few things i thought about to give away with the zine but i'm not sure of how "successful" it will be or if anyone will find them interesting enough to keep following the zine. i suppose it's normal to have these kind of doubts anyway, so i'll try not to stress much about it in the 'future'.

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