Saturday, March 13, 2010

my day today...

this is basically what i did today. this time i decided to leave writing style behind and just put it like a To-Do List (in this case, Have-Done List).

- wake up
- write
- wash up
- make & eat "lunch"
- go online
- play FarmVille
- browse for free downloadable e-zines about alternative fashion, feminism, art & design, illustration & comics... and also download a new "mainstream" fashion & lifestyle Portuguese magazine (i'm human, after all!)
- find a couple of the alternative e-zines from Issuu on Facebook and message/friended/fan-add them
- stop to wash the dishes, do some cleanings in the fridge, separate garbage for recycling
- close all the window blinds in the apartment
- grab a cereal bar as snack, sit in the sofa relaxing to "examine" a new zine, while trying to write a draft for a review about it
- stop because of people arriving, no privacy to continue lounging around in the sofa reading weird zine & writing about it
- go online again
- answer emails to distro, update labels on some emails about zines that already arrived
- leave Etsy feedbacks
- research & compare prices on books, zines & misc merchandise online
- second try at the Big Cartel to experiment on setting up a small online store
- failed at setting up the store at Big Cartel, because the shipping costs & PayPal settings still confuse me - i prefer to deal with each order personally, depending on the buyer's country, amount of items/weights/sizes - so that i can see what size of envelope is needed, what type(s) of postage(s) can be applied, etc
- stop to have dinner
- go online again
- check Facebook messages/notifications and whatnot
- browse & read/print PayPal Help pages about payment options, email payments, PayPal fees (blergh!), making & sending invoices, etc
- think about setting up a very basic store just using Blogger, because by now i'm quite used to the way their sites (blogs) work
- stop to get a bowl of cereals ("midnight snack")
- stare at my laptop's screen and wonder what should i do next... Ah!! find an image to go along with this post
- done that
- read article on Tasks Lists & To-Do List
- browse info on a software that is an online task manager, sign up to a free account to experiment such software
- realize i will hardly ever use that again. what happens when i don't have internet connection? how can i "manage my tasks" then? their intentions are good, but the internets aren't always in a good mood for that.

and to think i've bought quite a few Moleskine's little notebooks and never use them... bahh!

- stare at my laptop's screen again and wonder what should i do next......

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  1. I like this. It makes me feel less weird that I have lots of days like this too. sort of meandering and no huge event or project - and lots of computer stuff.