Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy 2010!!!

happy new year, all visitors!

there's just so much to say about this New Year's eve, entering 2010, my "celebration" and all that...

new year's resolutions, what's that? hahaha
i stopped doing such thing about 4 or 5 years ago.

i also stopped "celebrating" the New Year about a couple of years ago, as the plans i made for such nights always turned out a bit different (usually for worst) and i'd end up feeling sad and empty and frustrated. and it made me feel like it was a sign of bad luck for the coming year.

so this year i spent the turn of the decade at home, in my pajamas plus a couple of sweaters and wool jacket and about 3 pairs of socks, because it's been a hard Winter around here. very very cold and very windy, with a some thunderstorms and all that fuss. not even the heat of our "fireplace" can keep me from getting cold feet, and that sucks.
drank about two glasses of champagne, dad bought a different brand this time, but i gotta be honest and say it was a pretty good brand. i didn't drink enough to get me dunk (LoL), just a bit dizzy and brain-lagged.
still, it kinda ruined my "plans" for watching a movie on my laptop later this night. i just got "distracted" reading blogs, chatting on msn with an old friend, playing quizzes on Facebook (damm you FB!), and i even went as far as doing some online shopping...

yeah, i went against my own advices to not spend money on extras before finding a new (paying) job. i just couldn't resist, when i found Corinne Mucha's comics blog & store. she's a really cool artist, i got some of her comics/zines from Microcosm and i just love her drawing style and her witty writings. so i bought two more of her comics, to complete my collection of her works.
after that, somehow, i ended up on Cindy Crab's Riot Grrrrrr Distro and bought some more unknown zines that looked interesting...
I guess these two purchases can made it as my late Christmas gifts to myself, maybe? hehehhe
But i know a couple of people who are not going to be very happy when they see the packages in the mailbox... shit, i should get a P.O. box.. if i wasn't unemployed! darn...

........................ and that get us here, at almost 6am, on new year's day. i should have gone to bed for like 3 hours ago! but i'm still chatting with a friend... why? what for? very little "productive" things will come out of it anyway, as i'm already feeling that familiar sense of emptiness mixed with angst. or maybe i'm just tired and in real need of sleep.

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