Thursday, January 14, 2010

A life without books...

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Motivate Me - The daily dose ezine - A life without books is no food for thought

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« (...) can you imagine a life without books?


Then ask a person who can't be bothered to read

When you consider that the worlds greatest thinkers have put their thoughts, opinions and ideas into a format that we can access - isn't it a shame that most people don't bother to read, to explore the contents and to see how those thoughts, opinions and ideas can change their lives. Well I think it is.

We have a chance to have a few hours of intimate discourse with people we would never have met otherwise. How lucky are we?

You could argue that you don't have the time to read all there is to read - and you know what you are absolutely right - There are e-books, free books, printed books, articles and websites - which is why you have to be discriminating about what you read - because there is a lot of "rubbish" out there. Which is why you should also try to safeguard every precious moment you have that you could consider "spare" and put it to better / other uses.

1. Of all the books you have read - which would you consider to have made the biggest impact on your life?

2. What was the last book you read - why did you choose it?

3. What is the next book on your list of MUST read books? Why that book and not one of the others?

4. What book would you recommend to someone who is struggling - financially, emotionally, spiritually?

5. Do you give books as gifts?

You don't have to answer these questions of course, but perhaps you should take the time to do so, if you want to be a serious student of life and living. (...) »
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something for you (and me!) to think about ;-)

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