Monday, December 14, 2009

"Make One Hundred Somethings" project

i saw my first refernce to the "Make One Hundred Somethings" project at

wich had a link to the original inspirational idea, from

the following text is an excerpt from Tollipop's blog post (in December 2008) about this project:

make one hundred somethings: an open invitation

«(...) I am extending an invitation to join me and others who have expressed an interest in the Tollipop Hundred Dresses project.  What one hundred somethings could you make?  It doesn't need to be elaborate or worthy of virtuosic skills.  Trust me.  It doesn't even need to be one hundred, for that matter.  But you might enjoy the challenge, the outlet, the deep sense of satisfaction that comes from making something exist that wasn't there before. 

For example, you should check out the lovely Belinda of Witchetty. She is creating her own one hundred wide-eyed, long-lashed girls with delightfully detailed dresses, and stories to go with them as well!  And I've already told you about the talented Louisa of Picture Book Studios. Her little mouselings have me altogether charmed!

So just think about it.  Your one hundred somethings.  One hundred somethings that didn't exist until you created them.  The thought alone brings good energy, a light in your mind.  You may as well get busy and follow it--there's just no telling where you might go! (...)»

although this post/project is a bit dated by now, the idea resonates me... i don't know why, but it does.
maybe it's the art-making/creativity/obsessive-compulsive in me hahahha!
yet, at a first glance, i don't know what i could make 100 "items" of, so i'll just leave this project aside, maybe sleep over it and perhaps i'll come up with something... Maybe i'll combine it with some other project(s) that have been in the back of my mind in the last couple of months, when i started getting into the zine "thing".

[mental notes:
europe; europe's countries - there are 48 countries in europe, according to my research on Wikipedia; while the european union itself as only 27 countries...; 
one contributor from each country (rests the doubt: EU countries only or not); two-pages at least, 4 at max; maybe the theme can be divided into 2 parts, being part 1 «my country» and part 2 «europe/the rest of europe/what i think about...»; etc, etc...]

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