Monday, December 7, 2009

the first 'No'

well well... i made a "random" post a few weeks ago, on the night before a job interview. i was a bit anxious about it, because i hadn't been to a job interview in a couple of years. and also because this seemed to be the little light at the end of the tunnel that i was looking for at the moment (and still am...).

turns out i got a phone call today, and i didn't get selected for the place (oh, it was a copy shop). it's ok.
by now i was already counting in a NO answer, because they published the ad again after interviewing me, a much more detailed ad, so i was thinking that maybe i didn't have all they needed/expected for the job. by then i got really down when i saw the second ad and it made me feel even worse than i was already felling, with all the "chaos" that was going on concerning my current (future-ex?) job problems.
anyway, they said they would call me whether their decision was 'yes' or 'no', so, i feel a bit okay about it because they kept their word, and i think that shows a bit of respect for the people they interviewed.
on the phone call, they also said that maybe in the future, when their business starts getting more and more work and they come to need another employee for the store they'd call me to see if i was still interested/available. that was nice of them to say, even if they didn't really meant it and were just being polite (or even saying it out of pity for me...).
i thanked them for the opportunity of the interview, and wished them the best luck for their business. and i really meant it, besides being polite too.

so this was the first No of many (more?) that are to come, i guess. once i start (e)mailing my resume and stuff, i'll have to be prepared for everything.
it's nothing i haven't been through before, but i kinda lost a bit of practice since in the last 3 years i didn't need to do this kind of stuff, as i was working on a trainee job and then went to another company for another trainee and then got a real job for (almost) the last 2 years.

i hope i can keep being strong about this, and not let the hard things get me down too much, not let the depression grow on me too much. not that this Autumn weather is helping me stay positive, and the coming Winter will probably be much worst, but... i really really hope i can keep myself together into fighting for a better change in my life.

...................... because hope might be just around the corner

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