Friday, December 4, 2009

To be, or not to be...

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To be, or not to be - unemployed: that is the question!

i handed in my resignation letter on December 2nd. 
and i'm still waiting to know if 'they' will accept it or not. if they don't accept it, what will their "proposition" for an alternative be? 

i was getting into a downward spiral since i was moved from work places last month. i was falling (back) into depression and taking the desperation, anger, and frustration feelings on myself. and we don't need another depressed woman in the house, do we? and i'm not that much interested in becoming bipolar either, so... i rather give up that job and move on. to something new, something better, hopefully.

maybe this post got a little too personal to be available to all the "online world" to see, but... i guess i don't care anymore.
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