Saturday, November 14, 2009

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my first try at using rubber stamps
(sorry or the blurry & very bad photo, i guess the camera was too close to it)

just got my first (etsy) order from Japan ever wow! and my very first rubber stamps. i've been craving on these things for a while, after seeing some used in sweet original envelopes some zine people have sent me ;-)
and while sometimes i get these "obsessive-compulsive" wishes to buy certain things just for the sake of it, i tried my luck on searching for rubber stamps and ink pads on Etsy. it's just a pity that many of these items are  a bit expensive and then there's the shipping costs, which can make this quite an investment...

not quite the perfect day today but i guess it was the best i could get. considering the bad weather outside, strong wind and chilling rain. i lost the little motivation i had to go shopping for my food/groceries/etc stuff; it was my day off and that's what i usually do on these days.
but theses days seem to be all spent around doing the shopping and then coming home to put everything in their place and then i get no more free time left to do much of anything. so i kinda get a little frustrated on this type of (bad) routine and lately i've been avoiding doing this.

another reason that i didn't want to go out today was because i went to sleep really very late last night, almost at 6 am! so i spent the whole morning sleeping today, and when i tried to get up, around lunch time (1 pm), i just couldn't make myself do it... i'd turn over to the side of the bed and..zzzzzzzz fell back asleep. when i finally got the power to get up, it was around 3 pm. when you come to think of it, by 3 pm most of the day is already gone i guess... specially if it's one of those autumn days when it's all grey and cloudy outside, you can hear the wind hissing through the apartment windows and doors and by 4 pm you can't sit and read a book without having to turn on the lights because it's just too damn grey to read without ruining your eyes!
then i had lunch, vegetated a bit around the living room and decided to come back to my bedroom, set up my "stash" (laptop, zines & mail packages, notebooks, etc) and feed my addictions - zines, mails, artsy stuff, music(!), etsy, etc...
i felt a bit relieved after last night, even if that made go to bed really late, because i got to send some emails and give some etsy feedback on great zines i bought from very talented people. i even came to find out that someone actually does read this blog YEY! it's a bit embarrassing to think about it, but hey, if i was putting out a zine [my zine, that never-ending project i keep talking about], i'd be writing about much more personal stuff than what i write here on this blog, and people would read it (hopefully) too and then that would be much more "real" than the blog thing.

oh, i forgot to mention, i also got my polymer clay red kitty magnet, from the talented ladies of the Bichanos do Porto project. they're a group of friends that take care of abandoned cats and stray cats, many times they take them in their homes, take them to the veterinary (since most of the cats that are abandoned or living in the street for a while are most likely to get sick, injured, etc) and try to give the kitties and cats up for responsible adoption.
to support them financially, since this is obvisouly an expensive project, they have a few online shops/blogs, and i sometimes buy them stuff from their handmade crafts blog. unfortunatly for any foreign readers, their blogs are written only in portuguese, but you can just look at the pictures!

the Bichanos do Porto project blog --
the handmade crafts blog/shop --
another shop (2nd hand stuff, and new stuff too) --

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  1. HA - i just posted about stamps -
    Try making your own, that's what i did...