Friday, November 27, 2009

wish me luck!

for hope is just around the corner... *

[note: this is a pic from lovely stationery i bought from a 
Japanese seller at Etsy - she's got lots of beautiful stuff, it's hard to resist...
i apologize for the rush in posting this non-sense post and 
not providing a link to the seller's shop :-x]

i'm tired and in a hurry to go to bed, to sleep, of course, but to read the zines i just got in the mailbox today from lovely Pippa :)) along with the zines i bought her, she added some more extras/goodies (as usual :D) and that made me feel happy joy. happy to be alive (to read these zines and read the lovely handwritten notes they send me), even if my life is going through such troubled times.

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