Saturday, November 14, 2009

writing subversive

somehow, today i managed to write my stuff while i was at work, wow amazing! i finally found a "technique" for doing it in a way that i can quickly close the program i'm using (windows wordpad) if i see someone approaching. sounds almost like i'm doing something bad or illegal, and i can understand the fact that when at your workplace you should be: working! but i really needed to write and i don't think witting in a piece of paper would be that very discreet, specially when you think of the security cameras. anyway, i had done most of the work i had to do, and was just laying around trying to kill time until lunch time, so it was perfect to have the chance to write. i can't tell you how many times i closed the file, but when it was safe around, i would open it up and continue (or at least i tried) my stream of thoughts.
i didn't get to finish my writing, there was some more stuff i could have written, but then i didn't have enough privacy anymore when costumers started to appear. it was a good thing to have costumers showing up though, don't get me wrong!

a while after i got home, i started setting up my desktop and the small mayhem that usually goes around it: zines, notebooks, plastic file bags, mail packages, etc...
i came up with an "awesome" idea - to make a file like a database (more of a spreadsheet like microsoft Excell) where i keep track of the zines i buy, mostly the big orders i make from Microcosm, because i'm afraid i'll order the same zines more then once, but also of other zines, and thus making a database of the zines i have in my collection, for future reference.
then i had yet another idea - to go trough my last orders (from Microcosm, of course) and start filing zines that i have more than one issue together, and putting together other "one-shot"-like zines by author.

this might be a little too much planning for tonight, since i'm working the morning shift this weekend, and it's the eternal dilemma between:
a) going to bed "early" to get enough sleep (which didn't happen last night) so that i can go to work and function properly the next morning without feeling sick (which did happen this morning, obviously); or
b) stay up late online or even if offline but doing stuff on the computer (that includes playing Solitaire too!), plus having daddy nagging me about what time it is blablabla, "do you have a watch?" - "are you going to work tomorrow? yeah? well, you sure seem like you're forgetting that no?" - "do you want m to turn that thing off for you?" - "i'm shutting down the modem in 5 minutes, so you better hurry and shut that sh~t off!" - blablah

yeah... this is just as ridiculous as it sounds, and has you're thinking it is, but it's real life. that's what you get for (still) living with your mom and dad :-D

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