Thursday, November 26, 2009

trials and tribulations at etsy...

i've updated my profile page on Etsy. no big deal, but i felt i needed to inform people of the reason why i have an empty "etsy shop", because i'm mostly an obsessive zine buyer hahahaha
also, i've been giving the feedback on the last orders that have been arriving in the mail, but my brain is too tired and blank to add some written notes that are worthy and make the sellers feel good. i totally suck, but my brain is just like it is.

and unfortunately, i've had some mix-ups in a few orders. i hate it when these type of stuff happens because i have to contact the seller and tell what happened without sounding rude or something, i don't want anyone to be offended. the first time it happened, i contacted the seller and our conversations went ok, so now i've been waiting for something on the mail. it's been a while though... but ok. just last week i got another mixed order and i still couldn't find the mental strength to contact the girl about it. and today, here we go again, another mix-up with a rubber stamps order. and right now it's too late to go and write some elaborate text about it, besides it's just about time for me to turn off the laptop and tuck myself in bed reading some zines.

i say to myself "i'll have time to deal with this tomorrow, i'll write them about the mix-ups tomorrow, it's not the end of the world!" - but it's just me trying to convince the other me that i'll have time. cause tomorrow i'll arrive home from work, one hour later than usual (because at my "new" store we have to work 1 more hour than on my "ex"store) and even more tired than i used to be before and then there will be no time to get on the laptop, go online, check the emails, deal with those mixed-up orders.

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