Saturday, November 7, 2009


i don't feel so good tonight. work wasn't that much hard today and when i got home i was in a mood to spend the after dinner working on the zine, answering emails & updating stuff. although my lunch break didn't go so well, cause i ate almost 2 yogurts and the last one was just to much and i got a bit nauseous and feeling my stomach really full. but i kinda got better after arriving home anyway.
just that unfortunately, during dinner, my eyes started to itch/burn a lot and i hardly ever resist to rubbing them, and even put these special "artificial tears" medication i have, to use when i get dry eyes. still the burning feeling didn't go away for quite a while and after coming to my bedroom and setting up my "workspace" i still don't feel well enough to spend that much time here... the itch/burn was fading but then i started to feel very sleepy (true that i didn't get enough sleep last night). i even thought i might be coming down with something, maybe a cold, not to even to mention the flu.. uhhhh scary!

it's chilly in here, my hands and fingertips are almost freezing, and the tip of my nose gets cold easily. during the day at work, i did have to blow my nose a few times and since i'm home i've done that a lot. which can get annoying, specially with my nose "problems" - sinusitis or rhinitis or whatever the heck this is, it makes my nose hurt when i blow it many times, and even when i'm not even touching the nose.

so this whole thing has messed up my plans for this lovely saturday night... and i even have tomorrow my day off work. maybe i'll feel better tomorrow.
what can i do know? go to the living room and watch some stupid dance-on-ice contest or "steal" the remote and watch some sitcom on FoxLife. maybe there will be a good movie on later tonight... nahh, i doubt it. last night they had Aliens, i think it was the 1st movie and i couldn't stay up watching it (though i have seen it more than once) because i had to get up early today for work. so i don't have much hope that there will be a(nother) good movie  on tonight ;-/ . i'm not really excited about spending the night vegetating in front of the tv though, case i've spent so many nights (and days) doing that, that after a while i feel like i'm wasting my time doing nothing. when i could be doing something much more productive... and i sure don't lack on stuff that i need to get done around here. but my brain is a mess right now. i hate the cold water, and it's not even Winter yet!

i even thought about going to sleep but it's still a bit early for that geez!... doing the "lay-down-to-rest-for-a-bit" would end up in the same thing, i'm sure i would fall asleep soon and then i'd wake up freezing.
maybe i could read some of the last zines i got in the mail, and continue the other ones... if my stupid eyes weren't starting to itch again! baahh tonight is really sucking a lot now! perhaps it's the antibiotic i'm taking for the tooth treatment i got yesterday at my lady dentist? gotta go read the side effects again, dammit!

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