Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My first submission for a zine?...

not long after i had joined the We Make Zines community, i got a lovely invitation to write a piece for one of the members, a zinester with a lot more experience that me for sure. i was surprised at the invite, because i never did anything like that before but that zinester was really friendly and patient, explaining me what his project is about and encouraging me to write down some stuff.

about four days after the invite, after thinking about it a lot and researching photos (yep, the project includes sending a photo but for documenting purposes only), and after a bit of procratination (i wouldn't be me if i didn't do a little procrastination!) i finally managed to put thoughts down on paper. i had one of those rare epiphany moments: after waking up early and not being able to fall asleep again, my mind started thinking about the project; i had already thought about a few things to write and i knew i had to pick up pen and paper and start writting! so i did, and i ended up with four A5 pages of text, not that bad for a starter.

after lunch, i came to my computer and started to transcript the text, then noticed some spelling and grammar errors, researched the dictionary and wikipedia for translations for some Portuguese words i had never used in English and i got the text down to one A4 page, which is half of the maximum required for the project. so, i should pat myself on the shoulder a bit and feel proud of having actually written something, and probably i might just make it in that project, yey!!

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