Sunday, September 13, 2009

More Tips & Tricks!

and here's another post i'll be updating with Tips & Tricks, these are collected from several posts, websites, etc.  you can add your own tips if you have any, just leave a comment on this post!

1.Learn to wrap packages properly in kraft paper instead of using envelopes. It is much cheaper. " (from Kate, at the We Make Zines community.)
My add-up tip: it's not hard to make an envelope out of a sheet of paper. you can use a real envelope, "unfold" it and outline the shape and the folded/glued parts on thicker paper or cardboard and save that as a pattern for making envelopes yourself. I'm sure there's a tutorial online about this type of stuff...
Also, you can also recycle old papers when making envelopes, but to keep it from getting your mail sent back to you, maybe use papers that are white on one side and patterned on the other. then, fold it so that the patterned goes on the inside of the envelope and the outside is plain white. Either way, these tips combined are a way to recycle and save money, and that's always good!

2. A problem that seems to come up often when selling zines with cash payments to outside your own country, is getting foreign currency and what to do with it. It's not always easy for people to go to the bank or post office specifically to exchange a couple of dollars (i used "dollars" because the zine scene is quite active in there). James N. Dawson at WMZ, suggested " why not just keep the money and use it to order zines from the country it came from? " Now that's an excellent idea, i would've never come up with that! Again, another tip that can save you money and you can still read new and cool zines, and keep your zine collection growing!

3. Lauren Arcade at WMZ says the following: " I write a lot of zine reviews, and I know it's proper to write out the full address of the author at the end, but I usually go with an email or website if there is one listed. Because you never know if somebody is going to read that review in 2 years and send their money to an address that the zinester moved out of a year ago. Also, if the mailing address for a zine is misprinted or if you screw up just one of the letters or numbers, then you're out a couple bucks. "
I've seen this issue brought up before many times, so it's definitely something to keep in mind, folks!

4. ...

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