Thursday, September 10, 2009

new book in the mailbox

finally, the books from my last BookDepository order started to arrive today. actually, i got another surprise from the mail earlier, when my posters arrived from, but that's a whole different thing.

anyway, back to the book i was talking about, it's called «Live Through This: On Creativity and Self-destruction», by Sabrina Chapadjiev, and this is the product description from the website:

"In a collection of original stories, essays, artwork and photography, Nan Goldin, Eileen Myles, bell hooks and other curring edge artists explore their use of art to survive abuse, madness, incest, depression and the impulse towards self-destruction. The diverse array of contributors - novelists, poets, cartoonists, artists, photographers, dancers, playwrights and burlesque performers - traverse the pains and passions that can both motivate and destroy women artists."

sounds kinda weird that i'm excited about this book, since it seems to be a bit of a heavy reading, but the main themes - art, women artists, pain - are quite appealing to me, also for personal reasons, of course, but it goes a bit beyond the personal side, since i'm becoming very interested in learning more about women artists. an, in a certain way, i hope that reading this book will sparkle my own creativity (if i really have any...).

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