Monday, September 28, 2009

just a small update...

well here i am, back to the internets, but just to tell you a couple of news, like, i have a new computer, i finally bought that "damn" laptop i've been dreaming of the last months. so i spent the free time i had during this weekend learning my way around it, installing some software i need to be able to function with this thing...

today was election day here in Portugal, for the government/parliament, so a part of my afternoon was spent on that, going to vote and "socializing" with friends & acquaintances of my parents (i went with them to vote).
then after dinner i decided to do some cleanings & (re) organizing some areas of my bedroom. hopefully, i'll be able to set up a little space so i can have the laptop there. i still need to set up the wireless modem/router i had to buy to go wit the cable ADSL internet i already had on the desktops at my house, so that i can take the laptop to my room and still have internet in there.

i don't think they will read this, but i got a lot of stuff in the mail last week, from lovely Etsy zine-makers & from the We Make Zines community, but because of my job i didn't have time to let them know i got their packages or to leave them feedback at Etsy :-(
i'll probably get a few more stuff this week, i hope i can get to contact that all of them and tell them that their zines (& goodies) arrived safe and sound and that i loved their decorated envelopes, postcards, stickers, and etc etc ^__^

p.s.: hurray for me! i managed to type all this without using a mouse, cause i bought one indeed, but it's not working and i'm going to the store to exchange it. so, my nightmare is a touchpad with two buttons! EEEKK!

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