Monday, September 14, 2009

Zine projects in mind

next are a few ideas i had for different zines and/or contents for a zine, topics i would like to receive submissions for and print, if i only had enough time for everything hahaha! now don't go and steal these names, ok?! i will be using them, somehow somewhere, even as a combined project, why not?

Birdcage - that's probably the name i've decided for my perzine thing... the name does mean something to me, it came to my mind in a somehow random way but when i thought about it better i found a meaning.

Paper Scraps - that's the delayed project for an art zine, the first idea i had for making a zine actually...

You Suck at Drawing - don't ask... the title sucks too, i know, but the intention is what really counts :-p

Summer Leaves, comes Autumn Breeze - now this is definitely artsy inclined, since Autumn is such a visual theme. poetry, prose, illustration, photography, comics, whatever has visual & literary content, preferably mixed in the same piece.

Busy doing nothing - how about this? yeah, not very original 'cause i got it from an article on «The 7 habits of procrastinators», but it's the best i could 'come up' with...
Procrastination is a subject that affects me way to often, so i could build from here to make something ziny about it. i've googled it up and there's already a zine in th UK called «The Art of Procrastination (Or How to Write a Zine)», which leaves me a bit limited as using the word 'procrastination' as title.

A Helping Hand - all about Volunteer Work, but i'm more curious about stuff related to animal shelters & animal welfare and about volunteer work made in jails. oh, and when i come to think better, also women's shelters, and literacy programs for children & adults without economic opportunities. i feel if there was more good work done on these subjects, the world would be a better place.

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So far, this is it... all the names are down on paper*, ups, i mean on digital/online form, so to make it more real and appealing. and maybe motivate me a little bit more!

If you have any work you related to any of these themes (except for Birdcage, since it's a perzine project i want to keep all content personal or friends related), and would like to see your stuff published in a zine of mine, i'd be happy if you leave a comment on this post. it can be work you've published before on other zines, but i would really appreciate if it was original work ;-)

* actually, most of the names are written on paper, on my scrapbook where i first put down any ideas and topics i have for zines

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