Sunday, October 25, 2009

doing stuff!

yep, i really have been working on the zine (thank you Filka ^^). but i just got surprised and scared at the same time, when i counted how many pages (it's A5 size but still...) i have written on my notebook still to be transcribed to the computer so i can edit and stuff - 24 pages! WOW!
will i ever get this done? should i leave the more recent texts out of the first issue, on the fear or making it too full of writing and few images and thus make it a very very boring zine?

on the other hand, i've finally sent my 'corrected' submission for G.'s project. my very first submission for this kind of stuff! i'm anxious to see the final result, and read other people's contributions, but i also feel a bit shy and afraid that others will read my text and find it dull.
i would like to do this kind of thing again though, even making my own contributors zine(s) but i don't know if i would be able to get things ready on time, keeping track of submitted work and all that... i keep checking the forums & groups at We Make Zines for post asking for submissions but so far i haven't had the guts to answer any. i'm not sure if i could write proper material for the themes proposed and as for artsy contributions, count me out cause i suck at drawing :-p

at the same time, i've been listening to some music, selecting the best tunes for the surprise cd i'm making for L. (won't be much of a surprise if L. read my blog but ok! LoL). if i didn't have my older texts to transcribe, i would definitely be writing something new, because all this music makes me inspired... some songs are like classics and/or i haven't listened to them in a while, so there's a bit of nostalgia mixed with hope in all this. i still have to make a booklet for the cd, at least with a small info on each artist, otherwise L. will feel she's listening to chinese music from the 16th century or something [i don't really know anything about that, was there a particular music period back then in china?]. i'm also thinking about another "themed" cd to send L. next, but shhh, don't tell her, it's a secret!

so i made a little pause on the transcribing thing to update the blog and rest my eyes a bit. tonight is cool cause the hour is changing, we're delaying the clock 1 hour, they [they=the media] say it's at 2am but anytime's just fine for me, cause tomorrow is my day off yeys!! this sunday has 25 hours like they said, though it's kind of a silly thing to say anyway. for me, a day could have like 34 hours or so. this way i could sleep a couple more hours an be left with four hours to spend between working on the zine, surfing the web and reading emails, cooking proper healthy food. but we're stuck with 24, so... deal with it, period!

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