Friday, October 23, 2009

patience is a virtue...

because here i am at work, with no real "work" to do (and this damn browser has no spelling corrector, so f~ck it!). well, that's not totally true. i have one order i could print, but it's only to be sent by express mail on next monday, and with the slow & low amount of orders we've been having at the store i don't think we really need to rush off to print that single order we have at the moment...

last night was like today, at least until about this hour (8.30pm). today i did get a couple more costumers to do prints on the hour/minute in the end of the afternoon, but by now it's zero costumers. i sense there are a few at the store downstairs, but that's what you get for a rainy/chilly friday night...

last night i got really bored, with not much to do after i downloaded that one order. so i was going from one computer to another (i got 3 to choose from, but only one has internet connection snif snif), playing mahjong/solitaire, cleaning files and old orders already done & delivered, browsing the web and checking my email.
but it gets boring after a while; i don't have a proper chair to sit on, only at the printing computer and having nothing (except for playing solitaire) to do there, i start feeling sleepy and with a back pain (due to a columns bad position i guess). besides boringness, it's frustrating to be at your workplace and have nothing to do, it feels so useless to be here, and i think how i could be at home or doing something much more useful (like working on my zine!).

are autumn nights all gona be like this? probably yes! at least, until around middle november perhaps, when we start getting print orders for christmas and such... by then it will be worse, the night shift will last until midnight and i'm not sure if we'll have as many days off per week as we do now.

it's not as depressing as it sounds! no, i'm kidding. it is that depressing.

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