Monday, October 5, 2009

last night / today

last night i tried to watch a movie in my new laptop for the first time. had to get DivX because neither windows media player or winamp had video codecs for that, so it a look a bit longer to set up my own little movie theater.
then i wasn't sure of what to watch, because i got so many dvds burned with movies i never get time to watch and even dvds i bought, but then i deadiced on «Mirror Mask». it's a beautiful and amazing movie, specially when it comes to graphics and special effects. for all of you that know and like Dave McKean's dazzling illustrations, then you CAN'T skip seeing this movie!

today i'm on my day off, but still i had to get up early because i needed to phone my workmate and give him a few messages i couldn't write down yesterday at work. i had a light breakfast, called the store and it didn't take us more than 10 minutes of talking and then i went back to bed for some more rest... it was raining outside. so finally, autumn has settled in. and it's been raining all day long and although it's not exactly cold it's all grey and gloomy. it's almost 7.30 pm and right now its pouring rain outside.

it's been quite a depressive weather. and this in my day off, imagine that. just to think that the grey and rainy days are gonna continue through the rest of the week and i'll be at work, looking out the big glass doors/windows into the grey and watch the rain fall outside. then coming the night it will be too chilly to feel motivated to work and by the time they close the store my nose will have frozen. this is all very encouraging, no doubt about it!...

after lunch i came to my bedroom to decide on how i was gonna continue organizing/cleaning my clutter (to get a little space for setting up my laptop permanently) and where to start first and felt like i had no strengths to do anything when i looked out the window curtains and it was all grey outside. i had to decide between cleaning up or going to the living-room/office and drag myself to my desktop pc. i still hadn't answered emails or messaged back at all the nice people who sent me their lovely zines. as usual, i procrastinate. a lot...

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